Why SB Shop is Making Clothes for Women with Dwarfism. 

“We invest in people, not in niches” By Samanta Bullock.  

Dwarfism is a human physical condition related to size compared to the average of individuals of the same race, age and age sex. In general, the height maximum for a dwarf individual is 1.50 meters for men and 1.45 for women.

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High-street brands usually ignore disabled consumers, but people with dwarfism are the most segregated in fashion. There are few clothes designed especially for them.  They have to dress using children’s pieces, making adaptations or altering. There is nothing ready in the market. People with disability like to use a lot the word ‘inclusion’ but the majority of the time unconsciously the tendency is only to focus on the challenges that affect their own disabilities.  That’s not the case of SB shop; our founder is an individual with disability that invests in people & inclusion.  

At SB shop, our job is to help raise the self-esteem of everybody especially for those excluded from the fashion industry, and today we would like to direct our attention to our consumers with dwarfism. We raise their self-esteem by creating fashion performance shows that break down barriers and end the stigma on them. Also, we make a collection, with clothes that are sexy, beautiful and adult; with the intention of empowering our customers with dwarfism.    

Samantha Renke in our Lace Dress Picture: Michael Atkinson


Currently, we provide three designs of dresses. The dresses are: Asymmetrical Block Dress, Lace Dress and Fuffly Dress. All designed by RUA LUJA, and made of stretchy material. However, more designs are coming out soon. 

The SB shop is represented by the amazing Actress and public speaker, Samantha Renke. Like SB Shop founder Samanta Bullock, she is is also a Parallel Global ambassador and an activist for equality & inclusion of people with disability.  

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Samantha Renke in our Asymmetrical block dress Picture: Michael Atkinson


The pieces are comfortable to wear. They were designed keeping in mind modern and sexy women with dwarfism. If you would like to know more about our pieces, you can visit our website and you will find full descriptions of the pieces. Also, make sure you go to our comments section and leave us suggestions.  

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