Why diversity in the fashion Industry is more than clothes & the catwalk? Meet Albertina Prata our new journalist.

Samanta Bullock is a brand that uses diversity, inclusivity, and representational at the core of our business solution. It’s very important for us that all the team members have an inclusive mind-set & attitude. The SB shop is a brand pleased to introduce you to one of our new members of the SB shop media team; she was born in Angola, spent her teenage years in Portugal and moved to the UK in 2007. 

Albertina Prata our new SB collaborator.

Albertina Prata our new SB collaborator.

Albertina Inês Prata but love to be called just ‘Prata’, is a Disability Specialist Consultancy, writer & part-time disabled model (Agent – Zebedee Management). She is an enthusiastic aspiring young woman and polio survivor. She is fluent in Portuguese; possesses a bachelor’s degree in BA (Hons) Publishing, Journalism & Media. As well as over six years of experience in both disability access consultancy and media production; more specifically in writing articles about improving the freedom, independence, and quality of life of people with disabilities. Prata is skilled at communicating and developing relationships with individuals with disabilities and businesses.    

She was part of the ‘Can Do’ programme – Can Do is a skills development programme for individuals aged 16-35 with a disability or long term health condition at Leonard Cheshire.  Leonard Cheshire charity is a large organisation supporting disabled people to fulfil their potential. The programme supports young disabled people to develop new skills and get involved in their community. It made her feel more positive and boosted her confidence. It has allowed her to meet new people and have new experiences. She feels less isolated and grown as a person. As Can Do participants, and taking part in campaigns and disability awareness workshops, she has realised there are many people with a disabilities facing the same barriers as hers. When people come together for a cause, it can be very uplifting and empowering. It’s good to join other people and have a stronger voice. 

Albertina Prata our new SB collaborator.

Albertina Prata our new SB collaborator.

With the new skills she has gained, she hopes to create her own career opportunities and has a renewed determination to help others. Samanta Bullock  is a brand that celebrates inclusion, and with our inclusive fashion brand we aim to awaken on issues involving style, elegance, and fashion, also addressing the needs of people with disabilities; raise awareness about the importance of aspects of self-care, clothing, style creation and adequacy in social relations; share knowledge on the subject and demystify disability issues; broaden the vision and consequent performance of partners and employees of the event about the consumption potential of the disabled population and create opportunities for new business based on social responsibility through products accessible to all. Therefore we are more than happy to have Prata as part of the Samanta Bullock brand because we share the same values regarding inclusion and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities within the fashion industry. 

Prata, welcome.  

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