Before I became a wheelchair user, I had been working as a model in Brazil and had always used clothing and fashion as a way to express myself. After my accident, it was heartbreaking to realise that the brands I had always loved to wear would no longer fit me comfortably whilst in the sitting position.

It has now been nearly thirty years, and unfortunately things are pretty similar. The major brands are still designing solely for an able body type, and us wheelchair users are still being left out of the mainstream fashion conversation. But at the beginning of this year, I decided that this had to change – and this is where the SB shop was born – a line of fully inclusive, universally accessible, clothing for everybody.

The SB shop is different – and this is why.

adaptive clothes, inclusion sb samanta bullock zipper dress

SB & Rua Luja Zipper Dress. Pict by Juliana Vasques

– It is not just adaptive clothing – A common misconception when it comes to accessible clothing is that there needs to be a special shop that just caters for the needs of disabled people. But the truth is, we don’t want to be special – we want to be able to walk in to any mainstream high street store and feel like anyone else, and to find clothing that fits well and makes us feel fabulous. Because after all, this is what the rest of society has the pleasure of doing. So this is why every single garment in the SB collection can be worn by all, disability or not. Our adaptations are seamless and can fit the needs of every – single – body.

samanta bullock vegan leather jacket wheelchair user

Gunda Hafner Jacket
Pic Daniela Luquini

– Our clothing is both inclusive and stylish – If you are a disabled person, you will be all too familiar with the ugly, orthopaedic, hospital looking clothing often presented to us – clothing that only accentuates our feelings of difference. The SB shop is the first of its kind to create stylish, designer clothing that is also inclusive. Clothes that make us look and feel incredible – but most importantly, that help us to express ourselves, and never our disability.

samanta bullock vegan leather jacket wheelchair user silk

SB & Peter Twiss Silk dress
Pict Michael Atkinson &

When I started out on this journey, I knew that designing in a fully inclusive way would not come without its huge challenges – and we are constantly working to improve and better the work we do. We are still learning and have so much room to develop, experiment and improve. This is your business too, designed for you, so we want to hear from you. So please, tell us what you want, talk to us about your specific needs, and we will work together to make this a reality. You can get in touch on our website here:

Thanks and love,
Sam x



Article Saskia Rowlands

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