What Is The Significance Of The Dragonfly In The SB Contessina London Jewellery Collection?


When Clara from Contessina London and Sam first came together for this project,  their vision was to create beautiful jewellery that also represented the inclusive message of the brand.

SB @ Contessina London Pict Mitchael AtkinsonSB @ Contessina London Pict Mitchael Atkinson

SB @ Contessina London
Pict Mitchael Atkinson

We came up with the dragonfly because they symbolise the strength within every human being to work past self-created illusions that limit our growth, in order to create meaningful change within ourselves. 

This really resonated with me personally, as well as with the message of the SB shop – despite the physical limitations of having a disability, we are creating clothing that allows everybody to feel strong, beautiful and empowered. 

SB @ Contessina London Pict Mitchael Atkinson

SB @ Contessina London
Pict Mitchael Atkinson

The dragonfly has therefore become our very own emblem of inclusion – something we want you to be reminded of every time you see or wear a piece of SB jewellery. 

And so, here it is, our  Dragonfly jewellery collection – sustainable, finely hand knitted, with silk threads and semi precious stones. We hope you will enjoy it! 


Samanta Bullock x Contessina London Dragonfly earrings.

Samanta Bullock x Contessina London created Dragonfly handmade earrings that have a story behind it.

“Why do I need my feet when I have wings to fly?” F.Kahlo

We feel that this quote from Frida Khalo sums things up very well. Disability brings hardship to people’s lives – but this only happens to make us better, stronger and more resilient people as a result. 

SB team x

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