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Upcycling with love: Morena Pequena Atelier.

What do you see when you look at grey lifeless cardboard box? Does it deliver you any feelings? Does it make you feel like you want to use it again? Or you just instantly find its place in the bin bag and enjoy the thing which was packed inside. There are no rights or wrongs, but one is sure: Morena Pequena Atelier is the innovator of new life. The owner Dani Cajá, decided to turn her childhood passion into a sustainable business. Two years after a loss of a child, she brought her dreams into reality, and in honour of Morena, she created atelier: the representation of love and reframing. 

In 2017 Morena Pequena Atelier began its mission. ‘Upcycling with love’ is the hallmark of the company. The brand sees unnoticed: the beauty in unused. Cardboards recreated with passion, kindness, and heart flourish into original, full-of-love products. Bracelets, book covers, decorative boxes, and many other items with a unique contribution, bring us a breeze of freshness. The original ideas and important approach is something people should talk about.

Dani Cajá is a Brazilian artist born in São Paulo. She is the reason why Morena Pequena Atelier exists. Roller-coaster life journey, unleashed in her the ability to become more imaginative. She expresses what she feels, but also she wants to be a friend with the Earth. The eco-friendly approach is the best way of creativeness, especially now when the environment struggles with more and more problems. It’s an emergency. It’s time to react and become better consumers. Having companies like Morena Pequena Atelier is a wakeup call for all of us.

Morena Pequena Atelier provides you with tools that are available to purchase on the website and encourage you to start a sustainable journey with them. Through YouTube tutorials and Instagram collaborations, Morena Paquena’s family guides you to your better self. It’s important to take care of the world, even if it feels like a drop in the ocean. Sustainable life and consciousness lead our Mother Earth toward success. That’s what Dani promotes. She aims to be supportive and create beauty while having fun.

Morena Pequena is actively involved in social media. You can find them on YouTube, Instagram, and shop their upcycled bags here on SB Shop

It’s worth to support businesses that want to bring something valuable into life. Become conscious and don’t be the enemy of the environment: our Earth needs you.

Text by  Kinga Ludwin

Tags: Fashion

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