United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Reduce inequality

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In 2015, the United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which have to be reached by 2030. These goals have been considered since 2016. Improvements for the lives of people with disabilities are more than among these goals!

To reduce inequalities within and among countries. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 10, in particular, that seeks to reduce inequality in and within countries, is one of the main ones. Inequality due to things like race, sex, age, income, disability, religion, economic class, among others, is the main reason for crime and the one that most threatens social and economic development in long terms, in addition to significantly decreasing the sense of satisfaction and self-esteem of several people. For women and people with disabilities, this inequality is even greater.

But, is it really possible to achieve that goal? Certainly, it is. Any public policy must be based on this objective. Older democracies still struggle against racism, LGBTphobia, religious intolerance and prejudice against people with disabilities, especially in relation to accessibility and job opportunities..

Reducing inequality requires drastic changes and efforts. Greater investments in health, education, and social security are needed, especially with young people, immigrants and all other vulnerable populations in mind. These are some of the things that must be done in the countries.

Within them, it is necessary to ensure that developing countries are better represented in decision-making actions in relation to global problems, so that solutions are effective, feasible and possible.

Goal 10 from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Reduced inequalities and raise your voice against discrimination

This fight is also one of the biggest goals of SB Shop. We fight for it every day, thinking about all vulnerable groups and, mostly, people with disabilities. Here, we start with the most basic: fashion. Empowerment is directly linked to it. By wearing a beautiful and comfortable outfit like ours, we guarantee that you will feel powerful and capable, much more than you naturally are.

United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals in different languages: Reduced inequalities

Join us!

Text by Beatriz Bebiano
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