The Samanta Bullock & Rua Luja Dresses For The Sitting Position – Adaptive/ Inclusive Clothes

Sometimes it can be frustrating when people with disabilities looking for clothes and find they don’t fit well. It is hard to find clothes that are designed to suit the bodies of disabled people and the sitting position. That’s what many wheelchair users face when they get choosing clothes.

To help disabled people to dress more comfortably I have collaborated with fashion brand Rua Luja and have started creating lines of adaptive dresses, designed specifically for wheelchair users and people with other disabilities. The dresses all have stretchy properties so they are very comfortable if people spend long hours in a sitting position.

SB x Rua Luja - Lace Dress

SB x Rua Luja – Lace Dress


Rua Luja is a fashion label that allows the client to be experimental with fabrics and designs. They have a simple, classy and edgy look that allows the client to be who they are and eliminate what society dictates they should be wearing.

Having an eastern background and growing up in the western culture allows Rua Luja to use delicate fabrics with western designs, giving the customer the best of both worlds. We haven’t followed trends, we have made fashion pieces so the customer feels good and allows them to be themselves. The items are individually handmade in the Rua Luja studios using local businesses to source high-quality fabrics.


SB x Rua Luja - Eyelash Block Dress

SB x Rua Luja – Eyelash Block Dress

SB x Rua Luja Asymmetrical Block Dress

Samantha Renke our ambassador wearing SB & RuaLuja Dress

Our designs of inclusive dresses focus specifically on wheelchair users, creating garments that are both stylish and easy to wear.  During the winter months, ponchos or capes from fleece or other warm fabrics are often preferable to a coat. Adaptive ones for wheelchair are designed to prevent the wearer from sitting on excess material or accidentally getting the garment caught in the wheels. Specialised buttons and zippers are also included for individuals who may have a more limited range of movement.

We understand that longer sleeves are preferable in colder weather, therefore our products are finished slightly shorter or tighter to avoid contact with the tyres. Ideally, our designs aim to minimize the general public’s attention to a person’s disability while increasing their confidence.  The Rua Luja SB collaboration has resulted in graphic zipper style dresses and chic knitted crop tops. Our clothes are designed with disabled people in mind.


SB x Rua Luja - White Zipper Dress

SB x Rua Luja – White Zipper Dress


Models: Lily Mills and Jane Getley
Pictures by: Daniela Luquini  , Jay Norman and Michael Atkinson
Makeup: Stela Carvalho

Tags: Fashion

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