Sustainable & fashionable, Yes! Cultiva Clothing x SB shop, both can show you how.

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It is undeniable that the fashion world is increasingly seeking alternatives for the conservation of the environment. Hence, sustainable fashion and the need to engage more and more consumers in attitudes that are linked to the concept of conscious consumption.

If you are a consumer, designer or just simply curious about fashion, you might ask yourself but, what is sustainable fashion? Also called eco fashion, sustainable fashion is linked to the way fashion articles are produced. Sustainable fashion is concerned with using production methods that do not produce or at least minimize the environmental impact.

Laura Bossom, founder of Cultiva Clothing. The Cultiva Clothing is a sustainable brand and its mission is to power a new age of fashion which is built with sustainability in mind. The brand wants to demonstrate the use of new and innovative materials, as far too many garments have been churned out and left in landfills. According to the brand, this project was created to inspire the modern designer’s hoping to solve the issues of climate change and fast fashion.

Their mission is to empower a new age of textile production. Cultiva Clothing’s ethos is to develop and use natural materials whilst innovating technologies. They have seen too many toxic garments left in landfills with a lack of responsibility considered for their end use of life. Their technologies will consider the entire life cycle of the garment from seed to compost and with an extraordinary circular closed-loop system in mind. In addition, the brand provides clothing for both men & women, and accessories such as backpack, hemp purse, slippers, sandals, and hats.

SB shop is another great example that sustainable fashion can be applied successfully and without losing beauty and elegance. For this reason, we at the SB shop are honored to have Cultiva Clothing brand abroad.  So we would like to invite you all to visit our website to explore in detail the pieces. Also, if you are the kind of person who cares about the environment, guide your life through this value and that reflects on the kind of clothing that you are wearing, this collection is perfect for you

All the SB shop sustainable fashion partners include Cultiva Clothing; they all use less polluting methods. For instance, using eco-friendly fabrics where organic fibers are used and less water and chemicals are used in production; reuse of used and discarded fabrics and other materials.

Please, don’t forget to raise your spirits and share with everyone all the benefits and values that the SB shop brand has brought into the fashion industry; and support our philosophy.

Miss Prata

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