Somos Todos Nos and the ARIA brand X SB shop – Together for more varieties of Adaptive Clothes

ARIA x SB Shop

For more variety in Adaptive wearing

Drika Valerio graduated in design and fashion. She discovered the subject ‘inclusive fashion’ in 2011 and since then has been working on the theme and won various national (Brazilian) and international awards. We are delighted to have her on board and look forward to reaching the Brazilian market.

The initial project of the brand Somos Todos Nos, was developed on an unusual theme; the inclusive wedding dress by Drika which took into account the opinions of people with and without disabilities.

The project was shaped, based on two methodologies: universal design, which consists of designing for everyone, thinking of reaching as many people as possible; and assistive technology, which consists of adaptations of a product for people with disabilities. From this, it is thought that if all products were designed with these two principles, thinking of the universal, there would be no need for further adaptations. In this way, by combining assistive technology with universal design, they have opened up a wide range of possibilities that go beyond designing for people with disabilities to people in general. The project won numerous national awards, international visibility and became a reference within the fashion industry.

Between 2015 and 2017, the SOMOS TODOS NOS brand underwent a major transformation process and became an institute, and the ARIA MODA INCLUSIVE online store was born. The new company offers the public exclusive products, including accessories and practicality at the time of purchase, where customers can buy through the website.

All the designers that partnered with SB shop have an inclusive mind. However, we encourage you to take five minutes of your time and explore for yourself the brands that we are working with and also the products that we make together. We are sure that you will be positively surprised. So raise your spirits and share with everyone all the products that the SB shop has to offer; it is a brand that all human beings can enjoy.

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