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Samanta Bullock has such a positive mindset and her enthusiasm to make fashion more inclusive was something that really stood out to me. I wanted to help and I wanted to prove that adapted garments could bring more joy when the current fashion industry was failing those with physical disabilities.

samanta bullock inclusive fashion fashioner all wheelchair inclusion samanta bullock inclusive fashion fashioner all wheelchair inclusion

Sophie Morgan -Mannequal
                                                                                               Picture Michael Atkinson

Fashion was just something Samanta had to endure, when there was nothing in the market that catered for her needs as a wheelchair user. This is where designers, like us, could step in. At Gunda Hafner Ltd, we started to adapt garments to include details such as vegan leather arm patches, front-facing pockets and lace panels on the shoulders instead of at the front. This ensured that wheelchair users could still feel comfortable but fashionable.

All our products are made to the highest quality in our London studio. This means that whilst our garments are still on trend, they still fit both Samanta’s beliefs, and our own, in trying to promote a ‘slow fashion’ culture.

gunda hafner samanta bullock inclusive fashion fashioner all wheelchair inclusion

Pict by Daniela Luquini

Currently, our collaboration with Samanta will be able to view at the SB launch event, with orders being taken from her website ( afterwards.

We hope that this valuable connection and greater understanding in wheelchair users’ everyday difficulties will be something both us, and other companies, continue to consider in the future.

Picture by Daniela Luquini and Michael Atkinson. Makeup


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