SB shop provides disability awareness  by Collaborate with other designers.

A group of participants and designers that are making a difference together

SB shop provides disability awareness  by Collaborate with other designers.

The concept of Inclusive Fashion goes beyond adapted clothes for people who have some kind of disability. Its goal is to simplify the act of dressing, taking into account the physical and psychological needs of each individual. Inclusive Fashion aims to provide disabled individuals with a little more self-esteem and freedom, allowing them to use what they like appropriately for their body.  

SB shop is a sustainable and inclusive fashion retailer we make clothes and accessories that are for everyone. We decided to join forces with other designers who share the same values and visions regarding inclusion and diversity. Working with different designers doing a little bit with each one of them, and we are going to have more variety and more styles. Also, it could have a bigger impact within the fashion industry.

The designers that collaborate with SB shop are London Organic, Gunda Hefner, Rua Luja, Peter Twiss and Caroline London. They are not only designers but some brands that use diversity and inclusion as part of their main business solution. with a hand up at the Gunda's newsletter. Written Made for the Modern Women

For example, Nasim designer from Rua Luja said: “My brand Rua Luja, I have always  included every shape of women we have always considered everybody because when  I use to make the pieces a lot of them were one of the pieces so when I had a piece of fabric that was a particular size I will make it to that particular size because every woman is different” (…) Also, Caroline London mentioned that  “Samanta open my mind a lot in terms of being able to offer this concept to a different sector which is obviously for disable people”.   

If you visit SB shop you will find from dresses, jackets, beauty products to pieces of jewellery but all accessible for everyone. Our mission is to have a universal design for all our products, even though we have some pieces which are adapted for disabled customers. The Samanta Bullock is one of few brands that make clothing for everyone, disabled or non-disabled; we all want clothes that make us feel comfortable and fashionable, and you can find all that at SB shop. 

You can access the full video here: . Also, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent video production made by Karma Social. 

Miss Prata / Team SB   

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