Rua Luja Zipper Dress

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There’s the act itself of garment issues that has been made uneasy to put on/off, from itchy tags and clothing, difficult buttons or zippers, of the universal desire to look good, which is why garments like the ‘White Zipper, Multi Dress’ make getting dressed made easier, for some people with disabilities and for elderly people. It has a concealed zip on each shoulder and a concealed zip on the side of the dress. Stretchy fabric is used, (Lyrca material), making the garment breathable, snug and hypoallergenic.


Dress SB & Rua Luja Pict by Juliana Vasquez


Samanta Bullock is excited to collaborate on a fashion line, with the ethical and inclusive fashion brand, Rua Luja. Samanta shared the same vision as the brand, Rua Luja, which is fashion being made more Eco-friendly and inclusive, because we believe, providing diversity is a must, as no one deserves to be excluded.




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