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PrintDreams3D is a brand that helps people realise their dreams of becoming independent, self-confident and happy. They develop bespoke orthoses and prostheses using digital imaging technologies integrated with 3D additive manufacturing processes.

These technologies allow the company to produce orthoses and prostheses according to the anatomy of each individual; helping them to restore some of their limbs’ functionality, improving their leisure and work performance, their physical well-being, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-confidence.

The PrintDreams3D offers products anatomically adapted to each individual. The process that they use makes it possible to produce much more affordable dentures & customized. You choose the style of the prosthesis, the colour, and the design. Also, the brand provides three specific products which are Mechanical Prosthesis, 3D Cover for lower limb and Insoles.


  • At Print Dreams 3D the prosthesis is on your way – You choose the prosthesis style, colour and design.
  • Measures and Manufacturing – you upload 4 photos and their designers create based on your measurements. Upon approval, a bespoke prosthesis is manufactured.
  • Get Your Prosthesis – the prosthesis is carefully prepared and you receive it at your home.

The mains features of the PrintDreams3D prosthesis are: they are unique with organic design, variety of colours & drawings, light, flexible, easy maintenance, custom fitting and affordable price.

3D COVER Lower Member

PrintDreams 3D Lower limb implant covers are designed by fashion designers in line with fashion trends, providing a wide range of choices between colours and styles. Made of high strength material, the covers are the only custom ones, requiring only a few measurements to make the perfect fit. All covers can be used for transfemoral or transtibial amputation and come in several different designs. The parts are compatible with all types of knees and feet and have a rear opening for immediate access, which also ensures easy attachment. Besides, the covers also have height adjustment guides and are the lightest on the market.


PrintDreams3D provides two types of insoles: orthopaedic postural insoles are made from foot scanning; from this, a 3D impression is made of durable, comfortable EVA material. The item is a great resource to assist in postural correction, injury prevention or bring more comfort to your daily life. The high-performance sports insoles are extra work for the athlete, as they are made from advanced technology, with high-performance material and memory, besides being washable, thin and light.

If you or someone close to you needs prosthesis or orthosis, leave your message below and the support team of SB shop will contact you promptly to assist you.


We are incredibly happy to have them on board with us. We want people to feel more self-confident and this collaboration with 3D couldn’t be better. Add your very own personal style to your prosthesis with us!

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