New Features on Our Shop – Becoming Visual Impaired friendly and up to your suggestions

We are introducing easier shopping for Visually impaired individuals!

We make it easy to shop for you!

SB shop highlights the importance of visible or invisible disabilities, making sure that disabled people can fill their wardrobes with a fashionable choice of clothing. For this reason, our brand prioritizes adaptability and inclusivity when it comes to designing clothes with a variety of designers such as Gunda Hafner, Rua Luja, BeKoffee Peter Twiss, Caroline, Contessina, Amaella, to mention a few. Samanta Bullock, as a wheelchair user, has an input of ideas with those designers.  Therefore, we can confidently state that our clothes are with no doubt the best fit. Besides we have also thought of beauty products that can help disabled individuals with blood circulation, muscle tension, eczema or athlete’s foot. These products surely stand out as we use the most natural ingredients to minimize extra care for your skin and wellbeing.

You have had a chance to draw an idea of important key elements that SB shop focuses on. Further, we would like to introduce you to our implementations to the website that we also created for an easier, clearer and more approachable search on a website platform.

Shop with ease now!

Audio Descriptions

Audio descriptions are rare to find, and we believe it is a great tool for visually impaired people. Therefore, we did our best to overcome such an obstacle that may disturb when shopping online. As well as physical shopping, online shopping should be easily accessible to everybody.

The audio description can be easily reached on a picture of the product in the bottom left corner. It will inform you of every detail of how the picture looks, the appearance of the model, the colors and choices of clothing, and a detailed description of what the product looks like.

Now visually impaired can make their shopping life easier!


Those who know our online shop well will also know that we implemented a new area ‘suggestions’ that with your help could help us to understand and fulfill your wishes, needs, and ideas for improvement. This is enormously important as it will allow us to increase and adapt our ideas that we can make a reality for you.

Don’t hesitate and be confident to answer questions in the section, or of course, you can add more opinions to it. We want to thank you in advance for making changes with us.

Contrast & Font

Other areas that we implemented for more accessible use are the contrast and font choices. From the moment of opening the Samanta Bullock website, you can find two options on the left, no matter which page you will appear.

The reason for the extra implementation of the contrast and font is that it will increase the vision and readability as well as navigation throughout your shopping experience. This surely promises an easy search and make your shopping time more comfortable and approachable.

Making it easier for you to find what you are looking for!

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