Navy Gloves Gunda Hafner x Samanta Bullock

Navy Gloves was launched in 2016 and was founded by the designer Gunda Hafner and has collaborated with the brand Samanta Bullock. Gunda has been sewing and knitting from the early ages. She dedicates her sustainable practices to encourage change in the fashion industry. The brand represents a new generation of young women to bring out body confidence and female empowerment. Our sustainable collections are Environmental-friendly that reduces any undesirable environmental use and we produce the best high-quality, rawest material that will last a lifetime in your wardrobe. We replace plastic and use natural fibres which is versatile, safe, and compostable material that will benefit the environment.

Our vegan leather is lightweight and innovate, and is made from pineapple fibres which means they don’t require any other resources or the use of water. This durable material is unique and truly ethical, that is comfortable fitting and breathable. Each piece is comfortable to relax in and snuggly. Think super sufficient, carefully crafted and versatile. Our fabrics and knitwear’s are made from 100% wool, cotton, and synthetic fibres.

Samantha Bullock has been a wheelchair model form a young age and had developed into a brand that focuses on selling adaptive and inclusive clothing in particular for people in the sitting position. With adaptive clothing being made available, it is also important to bring it into the mainstream, helping embrace difference and to help provide specially designed clothes to get rid of the challenge. Samantha thinks it’s important for people with disabilities to be seen to exist.

Tags: Fashion

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