Motivation- The charity that Samanta Bullock Shop is supporting

Over a billion people in the world today have some form of disability. 80% of these people live in the developing world.

Motivation is an international development charity that believes in creating a world in which all disabled people are included and can fully participate in every aspect of life. At the moment, this is just a vision. The reality is that millions of disabled people don’t have access to the equipment, services or healthcare they need.

In many developing countries, disabled people can’t leave their homes, go to school or find employment. They are isolated from friends and family. Many lose their lives to preventable complications. Most live in extreme poverty. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Motivation enables greater independence and opportunity for disabled people worldwide through the design and provision of wheelchairs, services and training. 

They believe passionately in providing the right wheelchair, in the right way. That means their everyday wheelchairs are designed to deal with potholed roads, rough terrain and rural environments found in developing countries. They promote the importance of individually fittings by trained professionals to World Health Organization standards. They create entry-level sports wheelchairs that enable access to sport for thousands every year.

To really put the wheels in motion, Motivation work with global and local partners to support disabled people to be healthy, confident and included in society. They’re not the only ones to benefit: families, communities, even economies feel the positive change.

Motivation- The charity that Samanta Bullock Shop is supporting

Samanta Bullock’s values align very much with Motivation. Sam’s focus is to drive inclusion in the fashion industry so disabled people are included in all aspects of the sector from design through to the customer experience and see themselves represented in fashion communication.   SB is an online department shop that provides comfortable and fashionable universally designed clothes with the focus on inclusion and benefiting the sitting position. It is a partnership with a range of different designers who also have sustainability at the core of their work. There is also have a range of products from jewellery to beauty products all focusing on the theme of inclusion.

As Samanta’s business develops Motivation will be the charity that she will support as the values of the two organisations are so closely aligned and she is passionate about increasing the visibility of disabled people and improving quality of life of wheelchair users globally. 

Team SB

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