Sabine Klemens

A 53 year old wife and mother from Germany who works as a nurse in an anaesthesia department. She is a a very spontaneous, fun, full of energy and loves road trips! However this has not been always like that. In 2014 she has experiences progressive neuromuscular disease that affected the movement of her nerves. Her hard experience has led her to understand the beauty if life, importance of kindness, positivity and what it truly means to have people that are really close to you. In time, when her upper body strengthened, she had to test her limits as a wheelchair user and she decided to choose extreme sports such as paragliding, parachute jump, monoski course and wakeboarding to mention a few. She is someone who truly says that there is nothing that can be impossible!


After her experience of becoming a wheelchair user, she has found mental strength and ability to create a full-filled life. She cheers up her self but also her beloved patients that know her as a ‘rolling nurse’! We are sure that with such a flood of positivity patients will become healthy and start enjoying life soon!

Sabine loves to experience every new thing in life and push her limits! That is why she loves to model for our team and participate in SB Shop projects!

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