Meet Laura Zabo the Queen of Recycled Tyres – Now at SB Shop

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Meet Laura Zabo

Upcycled Fashion Accessories

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, in 2025, the whole world will produce up to 2,2 billion tons of trash. Thinking about scrap tires, over 3 billion of them are dumped, globally, every year. This take decades to decompose and are often thrown away in landfill areas.

“The abundance of trash is a tremendous problem for us and our planet, and we need to make more room for ideas that help us get rid of it or transform the excess, instead of producing more and more” Laura says

While visiting Tanzania, at the Maasai market, Laura came across a beautifully painted and maid out of car tires pair of sandals. Since that moment, Laura’s life changed as she realized that, the idea of making fashion items out of things that nobody uses anymore, had to be shared with the world.

When Laura came back from Africa, she crafted other things with tires, like belts! She started to sell her handmade pieces in London markets and, since then, Laura grew in the market.

Every tyre and tube has its own story and no two products are identical.  Individually collected, retooled and reborn, Laura Zabo’s fashion range is an embodiment of the recycling, low waste movement.

Besides belts and sandals, Laura Zabo’s brand sells beautiful jewelry! Earrings, chokers, and necklaces are some of the things you can find within the brand. Transforming trash and finding an ongoing use for a persistent waste product, this is Up-cycling of the highest order

We are really happy to announce that Laura Zabo is our knew partner. Check her out!

Text by Beatriz Bebiano

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