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We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Caroline London. A fashion brand created by an Italian designer and produced entirely in the UK. Caroline London is the newest revolutionary concept brand designed to give you the freedom to express yourself and your uniqueness.
samanta Bullock wheelchair model disabled diversity jumpsuit caroline london
Caroline London – Pict by Ange Harper
Caroline London believe in sustainable fashion and are committed to operating a responsible business. Every single capsule collection is made to have a long lasting life and it is entirely customisable in a way that every garment can be re-used in a new different way.
Inclusive and adaptable lines of clothing are needed to satisfy everyone's needs and make everyone feel accepted.

Samanta bullock is making a big change to the fashion industry.

Pic by Ange Harper
Nowadays, sustainable fashion is vastly debated and an increasingly covered topic in the worldwide media.  Growing awareness among consumers is being noticed, especially by younger generations. It is a matter everyone should be conscious of. There are many forms of sustainable fashion and each of them is as valid as the other. Some individuals emphasise the importance of making clothes in a more environmentally friendly manner, while others support secondhand/vintage clothes or renting or borrowing clothes as opposed to purchasing newly produced clothes.
Samanta Bullock & Caroline with a guest.

Always together working on changes and providing better results to their fans.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post this picture. Leicester Fashion Show!
All the fabrics in Caroline London are sourced locally and every item is made in London with accurate high-end finishing to guarantee a certain level of longevity. The idea behind the brand is to have long-lasting garments with multiple combinations, in order to reduce the amount of wastage in the fashion industry, but also to allow women to customise their style in a very easy way. No more throwaway fashion with Caroline London!
Samanta Bullock promotes SB shop to all of her fans.

Many photos, many interviews, many talks and there will be many more to come.

The brand’s concept revolves around mix and match by using a multitude of styles and fabrics that can be combined to create your own unique look. Thanks to the zips situated in strategic places of the garment, you can express your different personalities through your style, or even create a new one. You will be able to change into a new different outfit in seconds!
Another show was done on inclusive fashion.

Every show, every day and every moment is important with inspiring people.

Samanta Bullock shares  Caroline London’s aim to reeducate people to see luxury fashion under a completely new light, with no misuse.
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