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Samanta Bullock is really excited to announce our partnership with BeKoffee in the launch of our inclusive line. Being as passionate about inclusivity as we are about sustainability, it is an honour to be working with BeKoffee. Bekoffee is a jewellery brand with a unique approach to sustainability and design.
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The brand’s principle is based around the use of coffee grounds to produce a new type of material, used in the manufacturing of decorative pieces. Started with the idea of residue transformation, Bekoffee ended up creating pieces with an interesting aroma and colour which offers coffee lovers another kind of product they would like. Integrating metal and cotton, the brand aims to design exclusive pieces. Their unique design, the result of a handmade technique, hints at the culture and tradition behind each piece. The inspiration for them comes from the taste of coffee, and more generally from both nature and human activity.
coffee made sustainable jewellery samanta bullock collection
The collaboration came quite naturally due to our common goal of sustainability. The positive impact this company has on circular economy and their values in the process of transformation of the coffee grounds make very much sense in our quest to promote sustainability. BeKoffee is a project that aims to take advantage of spent coffee grounds to produce composites that are used as raw material to manufacture decorative and personal pieces. The Bekoffee pieces are handmade, have a slight coffee aroma and have a unique design, inspired both by nature and human activity. Bekoffee’s inspiration is based on the taste for coffee and the desire to transform a residue, which carries aroma and colour, into a new material that
Samanta Bullock is a fan of BeKoffee jewellery made from coffee grounds
can be used to create pieces with culture and tradition. The incorporation of spent coffee grounds, the integration of metal and cotton and the inspiration in the diversity of nature, are elements that BeKoffee involves and that allow to obtain pieces with an exclusive design. Diversity, incorporation, integration and involvement are synonymous of inclusion and are synonyms of BeKoffee.
BeKoffee jewellery made from coffee grounds
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