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Do you have a favorite dress or jeans that make you feel prettier, more confident, and even make you feel “yourself”? According to Nancy M. Connor (Smart Adaptive Clothing Founder, CEO), what we wear affects our mood, our health, and self-love. It was with this belief and inspiration in her father’s condition (Alzheimer’s diagnosis) that led Nancy to found her clothing line. Due to this set of conditions, Nancy’s father no longer wore his signature style of button-down shirts paired with pressed slacks—his “power uniform” he wore every day during his previous time in the business world.

Now, Nancy’s father is dressed daily in sweat pants and sweatshirts—mainly due to the convenience and ease of putting on and taking off this type of clothing. Dressing this way, though, affected how her father felt. Plus, it was especially hard on Nancy, seeing her dad go through this on top of all the other changes that had been part of this unwelcomed and difficult process.

Nancy said. “What if there was clothing that looked great and was easy to put on and take off?” That was the moment in which the idea for Smart Adaptive Clothing was born. The Smart Adaptive Clothing now is revolutionized the fashion world and took the concept of functional, tailored and in-fashion clothing to big brands. The brand specializes in making shirts for both men and women with a unique adaption that makes the process of put on and takes off more easy and functional. The pieces have characteristics with conventional appearances but with strategic openings. For example, the shirts have magnets in place of the buttons, giving greater autonomy to those with compromised hand movements & less mobility.

The SB shop is a fashion brand that is created to facilitate the daily lives of people with disabilities by proposing ergonomic solutions and innovations, to access fashion. It proposes to facilitate access to the environments where fashion is consumed and represents a way of democratizing the entire process that involves fashion.

Please, don’t forget to share with everyone all the benefits and values that the SB shop brand has brought into the fashion industry; and support our philosophy.

Miss Prata

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  • Thank you for publishing this awesome article.
    I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment.
    I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Twitter. Thanks again for a great post!

  • Blazer Dress
    2020-03-26 5:41 am

    Great Product! Excellent Quality! Highly recommended the adaptive shirts. I am searching for blazer dress but now I am fond of this adaptive shirts. Thank you!!


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