Launch with Freedomee – Fusion of Inclusion and Sustainability

Launch with Freedomee

More than one year ago Samanta Bullock met the founder of ‘Freedomee’, Francesca Giobbi. Since that day they have discovered that all their values through the way we can help to save the planet, improve the fashion world and inspire people. In other words, ‘Freedomee’ is a solution that will highly impact production and consumption in the most positive way. From 2020, the designers, brands, factories and professionals in a field will work on delivering the same quality products with significant transparency and an ethically driven production process. However, this does not stop here, brands, factories and professionals will be able to sell better quality products and services with better financial results for all the parties that are involved. This would also include the consumer. And of course, we will benefit the planet.

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Next week, Samanta is happy to be launching her second SB collection together with ‘Freedomee’. The SB team is very excited to leave another footprint in the industry of fashion. Despite the many shows and collections that SB shop has participated in, our team takes every present moment as a first one. Therefore, we are looking forward to opening the eyes of those who will be there, together with us. There is always something special in our collections and we do our best to transfer the message to the audience.


Do you also believe that the damage to the environment, wealth disparity, human rights & dignity and waste is not acceptable? These are the factors that have plenty of room left to improve in the fashion industry. We believe that, and so does ‘Freedomee’. For this reason, Samanta has not thought a second longer to become the Head of Inclusion of such an amazing company and to work together on solutions to improve all those elements.

Meet “Francesca Giobbi:  a global fashion designer and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of the global social impact blockchain directory, and supply chain marketplace Francesca is a force of nature filled with soulful energy conveyed by her sparkling eyes and passion to change the world. When we meet Francesca we feel how she is “walking the talk”  of fashion with a purpose, and how her contagious enthusiasm around social impact, sustainability, ethical fashion, blockchain technology for good and innovation, are not just empty words, but projects put into practice.”

If you are more interested to find out what Francesca Giobbi has to say, visit .






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