Kintsugi clothing: Clothing everyone can wear

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Adaptive clothing for everyone: Kintsugi clothing.

The fashion industry is starting to care about people with disabilities. Popular brands and retailers including Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos, Nike, and Target are leading the way in designing apparel, shoes, and other products for consumers with non-standard body types, improving an overlooked population’s confidence – and their own bottom lines. Nevertheless, fashion consumers need permanent access to adaptive clothes, not only during individual campaigns. Meet Kintsugi, an inclusive brand that cares about diversity more than anyone else.

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“Kintsugi is a Japanese art form and philosophy that sees broken pottery repaired with gold lacquer. As a metaphor it is profound, reminding us that – as we travel through life – we all pick up scars, both physical and emotional. But this doesn’t mean they weaken us or render us ‘broken’. Instead, they enhance what we were and add to our uniqueness.”

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Kintsugi brand is created to be for every woman. No matter what you went through, and what is still to come: accessibility and comfortable clothes with a wide range of choices are on the way to comfort and give you confidence. Easy fasten, petite, chair friendly, stretch waist: all-you-can-buy clothing shop. “We love the concept of universal design, and create our clothing so that it can be worn and enjoyed to the greatest extent possible by all people, regardless of age/size/disability.”

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The owner believes that fashion should be not just function but style, too. That’s why Kintsugi is inclusive and accessible, stylish and comfortable, pretty and sexy. Kintsugi provides the basis, but every customer brings its own soul and an idea of how the clothes are going to be styled. “Sure, our clothing looks great (if we do say so ourselves) but every fashionista knows it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about the person wearing them. Every individual wears a piece of clothing differently, rocking it in their own unique way. That diversity is one of the joys of fashion.”

Releasing the inclusive line that solves some of the dressing challenges that people with physical disabilities face is something worth thanking for. Able-bodied people don’t realise how difficult daily basis activities like dressing up could be. Kintsugi focus on disabled people’s needs, based on their opinions, observations, and experience.

Brand founder aims to address the problems that the fashion industry can cause for disabled people, recognizing that fashion should be fully accessible for everyone. “To ensure our collections are truly inclusive, we incorporate suggestions from across the disabled community, making fastenings easier and less fiddly, considering how clothes will work in a seated position, and adding functionality to make each garment work harder for its wearer. The result is clothing everyone can wear. Clothing; reinvented.

Visit their website and buy their designs on our designer page SB Shop and make sure that you follow them on Instagram to keep up with their new inclusive ideas. Support and let them grow.

Text by  Kinga Ludwin

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