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From poses to colours, to the most desired looks and most copied make-up, magazine covers have been the scene of several moments of those who, at least in some way, have already thought about fashion: to see how to use that piece of clothing that we bought, how to copy the hair on the TV, read about the news of the fashion industry around us: and we were attracted by the cover.

This is because, somehow, when we flick through a magazine, the ultimate goal is always to find something that is within our personality, even if the proposal is to radically change the style, we seek in the pages to understand a little more the universe around us.

In a movement that no longer seems unattainable, in a time when we changed and looked for products and ideals that matched those who represent us, magazines began to change.

Vogue, in its classic September editions, for example, brought Jillian Mercado, Mama Cax and Chelsea Werner, all with disabilities, to Vogue Teen. The British title, in a version edited by Meghan Markle, brought on the cover several women with the title Forces for Change. In Brazil, the magazine brought the Vogue Values, with our ambassador Belle Palma among the voices and images represented

And why create a challenge for fashion magazines? We recognize the importance of starting with the word inclusion and, even more, of pursuing it in a diverse and mainly natural way – universal indeed. We want that to happen in every title. As Vogue started, we encourage you to continue.

How to do the challenge? Post a photo of yourself posing for a magazine cover on Instagram with the hashtag #SBChallenge, so we will be able to repost and, together, we will have even more strength to unite so that the representation is always natural and part of fashion for all people.

At end of the challenge we will create a board with all the pictures on it and we will share it with the main magazines in the world to let them know how powerful we are together.

Are you in?

vogue challange sbchallange voger cover more diversity in the fashion industry

Text: Larissa Mariano

Tags: Lifestyle, Press

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  • Barbara Beccio
    2020-06-30 4:04 am

    So if I send a photo with some added wording-as a cover would have, you will put “Teen Vogue” across the top?


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