The SB shop is delighted to introduce you to one of our fabulous ambassadors, Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie is a Disability Fashion Styling Expert and Founder and CEO of Cur8able, a B2B business dedicated to dressing with disabilities. For over two decades she’s researched clothing and retail trends exclusively for people with disabilities, and as a congenital amputee herself missing digits on her right hand and feet this is more than her profession it’s her lived experience. 

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Stephanie Thomas

  • In her TEDx Talk, highlighted by TED as one of seven talks by people with disabilities breaking down barriers for people with disabilities, she shares how her hobby became her life’s work. Stephanie’s personal and professional experience enables her to bring a fresh approach to fashion styling. Guided by her Disability Fashion Styling SystemTM, today she’s: 
    • The author/editor of the anthology, Fitting In: The Social Implications of Fashion and Dressing with Disabilities 
    • The go-to stylist in Hollywood for actors and influencers with disabilities.
    • Serves on the Advisory Counsel for Zappos Adaptive
    • Serves Board of Directors of No Limits Media. In addition,

Prior to working as  a Disability Fashion Styling expert she worked in television and radio for over a decade as an on-air personality. With graduate degrees in both communication and fashion journalism, Stephanie uses her education and media experience as a: 

to working as a Disability Fashion Styling expert she worked in 

  • Adjunct professor at Woodbury University teaching Fashion Marketing and Communication courses.
  • Founder and Editor of the blog about dressing with disabilities
  • Thought leader on television, discussing disability through the lens of dress management
  • She is also an AFTRA SAG, voice over actor with over two decades of experience. Known for her acting range and directability, she has been and continues to be the trusted voice of many commercial clients like Macy’s, Elmers Glue, Geico, Hoover, McDonalds, Jet Blue, Miller Beer and more.


Curable Samanta bullock shop inclusive stephanie thomas amanaador ted talk

When it comes to decompressing, Stephanie’s must have’s include faith practice, travel, yoga, reading, dance, karaoke, and plenty of laughter over brunch with friends.

Please take a look at her Ted Talk so you will know a little more about her.


Stephanie, thank you and welcome! 


Sam x

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