Gunda Hafner – sustainability explained – her point of view

Gunda Hafner Ltd garments are the result of an eco-conscious, diversity inclusive concept. We use natural fiber materials sourced in Europe, most of them GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. The garments are produced in the UK and not outsourced to low-wage countries which minimize their carbon footprint.

After dealing with allergic reactions, my motivation to create my own women’s clothing line was at first to make a difference for me and my family. They are my constant motivators for pursuing my aspirations to make a difference in the fashion industry and for the environment.Previously, I had never set out to design a collection for wheelchair users.The collection in cooperation with Samanta Bullock is the result of getting to know Sam better. When I met Samanta Bullock, I realised how much positive energy she emanates despite her misfortune. I realise how satisfying it is to create something for people who have been pushed into the background of our  society. What you receive in return is gratitude for something that is the normal and human thing to do, without having to think about it.



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