Gunda Hafner LTD x Samanta Bullock: Part II (Trousers edit)

The trouser edit.

We know this is the post you’ve been waiting for and we can SO see why! Gunda Hafner x Samanta Bullock has released a range of trousers varying in colour, style and fabric. We’ll take you through each one, with detailed information and photos, to ensure you choose the perfect trouser that will suit you and your lifestyle.

The black velvet trousers

 Black velvet trousers Smart look Slim fit Elasticated waistband Easy to wear

Fun, smart, adaptable.

This velvet style only proves the great partnership Samanta and Gunda have together. They’ve made sure that inclusivity stays at the heart of the collaboration, by including a ‘hidden’ flap to the rear of these trousers. When in the seated position, this flap slots out of the original trouser waistband to ensure modesty when leaning forward. If standing, this flap remains invisible and so you’d never even know it was there! We love this addition to the trousers as well as the elasticated waistband, to ensure their garments can be worn by all.

The corduroy trousers


Subtle, flirty, casual.

These trousers are full of texture and style. We love the pop of colour, without it being overwhelming, and the clever buckle detailing to the pockets. Gunda’s “hidden” flap features here again, and the addition of front-facing pockets means that they still remain accessible even when in the seated position. Comfort is key in this collaboration and that’s why all GH x SB trousers feature an elastic waistband that also flatters a range of body

The grey joggers with cuffs

Pockets feature zipped closure and front facing design for easy access when sitting Biker style kneepads to provide extra length if seated Extension flap to rear for extra protection – visible when sitting but then retreats back to become hidden when standing Elasticated waistband and cuffs

Minimal, cosy, slim-fit.

Have you ever seen joggers that look so comfortable? We didn’t think so either! As always, the front-facing pockets and “hidden” flap ensure the collaboration remains inclusive. Gunda and Samanta have also added extra fabric to the knee area, meaning that you have the extra room required in the trouser (so they don’t ride up!) when in the seated position. A drawstring elasticated waistband and elasticated cuffs provide the details needed for a slim-fit look, whilst also staying cosy. We don’t blame you if you live in these trousers for the
foreseeable future as it’s something we are also seriously considering…

So the question is, which trousers will you choose? And how would you style your GH x SB trousers? Feel free to show us on Instagram and tag @samantabullock @gunda_hafner_ltd so both Samanta and Gunda can see too.

Photos by Daniela Luquini
Article by Katharine Pogson

Tags: Fashion

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