Get to know our ambassador: Samantha Renke

We are delighted to introduce our new ambassador Samantha Renke.

Actress and public speaker, Samantha Renke moved to London 7 years ago to pursue her acting career. She left her job as a teacher to try her luck in her real passion: acting. She like Samanta Bullock is also a Parallel Global ambassador and an activist for equality.

In 2013, Renke made her acting debut in indie film Little Devil. She then went on to win best actress at the LA Diversity Film Festival for her work. Since Little Devil’s success, Renke has featured in a number of projects including the groundbreaking Maltesers Advert featuring disabled actors.

“Fashion shouldn’t have boundaries but high-street brands usually ignore disabled consumers”

SB @ Contessina London Pict Mitchael Atkinson

SB @ Contessina London
Pict Mitchael Atkinson

Not long ago, in 2018, Samanta criticised Zara after she was unable to make payment after the staff refused to help her reach a card machine. To read more about this:

That’s why Renke’s view and collaboration in fashion are so important. She partnered with Mia Tui to create a stylish yet comfortable handbag range for disabled people. Renke’s creation comes from her frustration with high street brands ignoring disabled consumers – fashion should know no bounds!

As she always recalls, was her sister the one who told her  ‘Maybe the reason people are staring at you is because of your great fashion taste, not because of your wheelchair’ and that really helped her through the years.

In her desire to address accessibility in today’s world, Samantha is a lifestyle columnist for PosAbility Magazine and Metro UK. Samantha Renke has also made regular appearances in shows such as Loose Women and Jeremy Vine.

Samantha Renke and Samanta Bullock

Samantha Renke and Samanta Bullock


You can follow her on social media as @samantharenke

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions.

Much Love- Team SB.

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