#FutureEarthDay: what is our commitment?

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#FutureEarthDay: what is our commitment?

Samanta Bullock joins powerful voices in the sustainable project of Atmos magazine and the Instagram profile Future Earth

What will our future look like? When we were kids, maybe we had a lot of answers on the topic: about our jobs, our dreams, our aspirations that were usually answered in a conversation that started with “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Needless to say, we grew up. And that, in some way, we acquired the potential to create the tomorrow that we planned so much. And that ended up changing its name – it was renamed today.

Today is the day when we discover that everything we do impacts the collective in some way: our work, our actions, the things we buy, what we watch, with whom we talk, the way we communicate and, even more, how we are seen. The idea that nobody does anything alone is very real – and maybe we realize that much more now, at a time when taking care of ourselves, we take care indirectly of everyone around us.

But what does this have to do with sustainability? Taking care of the environment, rethinking consumption, and contributing? The answer is everything. We need to look at how we fit into the planet – and there is no way to think about it without people so that they are the agents of transformation. It is almost an inward look that says: “if we think more about human beings as “we”, everyone would benefit”.

#FutureEarthDay project by Atmos and Future Earth IGTV Kourtney Kardashian khloe kardashian DJ kalid Behati Levine

This is also the principle of inclusion, one of the pillars of sustainability: seeing the other as a contributing agent for the whole. How can you collaborate? Potentialize the possibilities, add to the disabilities and rethink, consume in a more kind and respectful way – with the planet, with the other, with yourself. Responsibility is a word that we mean for collaboration: what is my role for that? What piece am I in this social puzzle? To resignify is also to make everything more meaningful.

It is with this look that Atmos magazine, a publication that brings together in its editions the connections that should exist between culture and climate and Stephanie Shepherd and Max Doinian‘s Instagram Future Earth, which promotes educational and environmental content about our impact. For a more eco-influential consumption, in which each effort is significant and makes a difference, the #FutureEarthDay project brought together powerful voices to tell their commitment to the future, in different names like Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, Behati Prinsloo, and Samanta Bullock, founder of SB Shop, talking about the importance of associating inclusion as a sustainable force, her mission.

It’s about giving a voice – and that’s not always about saying. It is also about echoing and, thus, uniting in the same purpose. The greatest power is to make it possible – and we can.

Text by Larissa Mariano

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