From necessity to the inclusive fashion: Samanta Bullock for Lilian Pacce

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In an interview with the fashion journalist on YouTube, Samanta combined her life trajectory with the creation of SB Shop and its solutions

“I created the brand out of necessity. Because I am a wheelchair user, I consume fashion and there was no suitable clothes. There were clothes that were dictated by fashion and that we wore even if it was not comfortable. And I thought: if I have this need, surely other people also have it ”. 

Samanta’s sentence, given to journalist Lilian Pacce for her YouTube channel, represents an even wider people group.

Samanta Bullock and Lilian Pacce SB Shop Inclusive Fashion

Currently, 20% of the world population has some kind of disability. And they actively move together a US$ 3 trillion market, which is a consumer and a search for fashion – just in the last year, the growth in searches on Google for the term “inclusive fashion” reached a peak of popularity of 100%. Given this scene, it becomes even more important to find solutions that not only solve functional needs, but create desire.

With that in mind, Samanta says that SB Shop emerged in a very organic way: “all the designers who work with me today, who create collaborations for my brand, were designers of the clothes that I had been wearing in my life – and that I presented in fashion shows too, but that I gave some tips on how I needed the item to be, on the necessary adjustments to be more inclusive ”, she explains to Lilian.

It is at this point that inclusion is practically sewn into history. Samanta recounts his trajectory, from an accident at the age of just 14, his career in tennis in a wheelchair, with three championships representing the Brazilian team, the wedding, the move to London and the perception of inclusion throughout each event. “When it happens, we don’t realize it, but an entire society changes. It is necessary to change the cinema, the beaches, the school. In my school, for example, all teachers had to adapt. And they will talk about it with their families, they will change their eyes ”.

And with modified eyes, an impact is created that is concerned with attitudes as a society: ecologically correct, economically viable, socially just and culturally diverse. And it makes it universal. Having a sustainable leather detail on the coat sleeves, for example, in the place where the wheelchair touches, does not make it unfeasible to be used by someone who does not have any type of disability: it is a detail – and a modern detail.

Modernity that accompanies the natural and social impact of fashion: respect for sustainability, the use of materials such as pineapple to transform it into a type of leather or the coffee grounds that become an accessory: necklaces, earrings and other jewelry . Complements that modify the look, that fit in all body types and that arouse self-esteem, personality and desire for fashion.

When inclusive fashion is present, it solves situations that happen everyday. “You may not be in a wheelchair, but clothing for sitting helps you in comfort while working for hours at the computer, spending time in front of the TV. Everyone sits down at some time.

You can understand that inclusive fashion is a living tool: it happens in real time because everyone gets dressed – and everyone needs to be represented.

By Larissa Mariano

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