Essex Magazine – Samanta Bullock Promotes Representation In Fashion

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Samanta Bullock Promotes Representation In Fashion

Representation matters. SBChallange is making noise.

We are delighted to be featured on Essex Magazine, giving our SBChallange a voice and spreading the word on inclusion

“Diversity and representation in today’s climate has become more important than ever. The SB challenge created by Samanta Bullock highlights the extent to which it matters. The on-going challenge, which began on the 24th of June has seen the likes of Samantha Renke, an actress and a disability activist, models and thousands of real-life people engage with it to celebrate individuals’ differences and inclusivity

The SB challenge promotes representation in fashion through people using their own photos on their favourite magazine cover such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and many more, where they often may not see themselves.

Similar to that of the recent Vogue challenge earlier in June which began with a tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, saw many black fashion models, photographers, designers and creatives in DIY Vogue covers in pursuance of change of the industry to create more equal opportunities.”

Read the whole article and do not forget to visit our Instagram to see all the covers and people who have participated on the SBChallenge

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