Elba London: Independent dressing

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Elba London: Stylish, modern easy front fastening bras.

‘Why should you have to compromise style for functionality or vice-versa, why can’t you have both?’

Newly launched Elba London is a brand which makes women life less complicated. We all struggle with bras. The need for twisting them around, slipping straps, deficiency of breast support, and difficulty in finding the perfect size is only a few reasons why buying a bra can turn into a nightmare.

Research has shown that a lack of breast support often leads to breast pain, which is reported by 50% of women. With Elba, lingerie shopping doesn’t have to be a hellish experience anymore. The vision of a comfortable and stylish bra was something that Judith Cook was reaching for. “Elba is ‘able’ backward and to be able is to find it easier to do something, which is exactly what I hope you’ll find with our bras,” she said.

It’s usually a dream to take off a bra after a long day at work. Too tight bra leaves marks on your body and makes you feel satisfied only right after you get rid of it. Elba wants to make you feel satisfied throughout the whole day. Designed with style, front fastened, and well-fitted lingerie: that’s what you need to be ABLE to live a comfortable life, but that’s not all that Elba has in the offer.

Elba London goodies aren’t designed only to be comfortable, but also to make you feel sexy and beautiful. See-through mesh complemented by delicate colours is not provocative, but subtly brings out features. Every aspect of beauty and practicality finds its place in the brand. The customer comes first. Top-class quality and satisfied women are the priority. Judith Cook, while designing her projects, was also thinking about injured or disabled women. The accessibility for women with extra needs is very limited that’s why it’s extremely important to think about every detail while creating such products.

“Elba London was created with the express aim of making bras easier to put on. When a couple of girlfriends mentioned their frustration finding a front fastening bra that wasn’t frumpy and boring or just a flimsy triangle with no support, I decided that searching for a bra whether you have an injury, have mobility limitations, or just want something a little easier to put on shouldn’t be so hard,” said the founder.

Every woman will find something good for herself. It’s worth taking a look at their website or Instagram and their designer page in SB Shop Elba wants to circulate important values and shows that diversity is something beautiful. Judith and her team glorify real women in a world full of lies and fake perfection. Even if it sounds cliché: don’t be fooled, you are beautiful the way you are.

Text by  Kinga Ludwin

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