Christina Stephens: Inclusive clothing designed for you.

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Meet Christina Stephens

Inclusive and sustainable fashion brand from Australia

A collection of timeless pieces that don’t just complement your lifestyle, but also adapt to it.

Every brand wants to provide its customers with choices and solutions for the way they live. Clothes that are easily adaptive to the lifestyle of women living with disabilities and whose bodies are constantly changing. Christina Stephens designs and produces pieces for every occasion, for every mood. For all women.

A choice in fashion | A choice to be included | A choice to be heard.

And what if the garment you just bought doesn’t adapt you perfectly? The brand has a great return policy, you will have the option to exchange the item or ask for a refund.

The adaptability of their clothing is not the only thing that makes this Australian brand special and meaningful. Christina Stephens is committed to sustainability and making the world a better place with its ethically made collection

It is a fact that the fashion industry has been growing out of control, causing serious damage to the planet and future generations. Actions are taken with other companies to set limits on damage to the environment and to enhance the local market in Australia.

Among many other actions to be more sustainable and limit the environmental impact, Christina Stephens is using Australian made fabrics throughout the collection, including GOTS and Australian certified organic cotton and non-mulsed, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified Merino wool and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified bamboo (sourced from China) to be more sustainable and transparent among the fabric they use to create their collection.

From now on, you will find Christina Stephens here at SB Shop!  To celebrate the launch, we are offering 30% off in your purchase!

Text by Beatriz Bebiano

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