Cherwell interviewed Samanta Bullock about inclusivity in fashion industry

We are thrilled to be featured on Oxford University’s independent student newspaper: Cherwell.

Founded in 1920, Cherwell gives voice to Oxford students interested in writing. A two-part series about fashion industry ignoring disability was written by  Sophie Grapentin. We were delighted to have been interviewed about inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Quoting Sophie’s words “Have you ever seen a mannequin with a disability? Or a disabled model in a mail-order catalogue, a fashion editorial or a product shoots? Samanta Bullock is determined to change this lack of representation and has not only ensured that the products of her own collection are showcased on a variety of wheelchair users.” Inclusivity in fashion is more than just visibility.

Samanta Bullock is making statements on a catwalk and invites everyone to highlight the need of adaptability within the society.

Samanta Bullock –

“One issue, for example, is the length of skirts and trousers. What is looking like a chic work-appropriate pencil skirt on the model that is standing, slips up when you wear it while sitting and shows more leg than you ever planned or wanted. One easy solution would be companies providing measurements of skirts and trousers from waist to hem in the descriptions of products on their websites. If the models sit down for one picture when presenting the garment, customers in wheelchair would already get a much better idea of how said skirt would look on them. ”


Other participants have came together to talk about disabilities in today's world.

Sinead Burke –


Take a look at the full article here

Part 1:

Part 2:

Let us know your thoughts about it.

SB team.



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