Rua Luja dresses- How do they look?

Rua Luja dresses- How do they look?

Hi friends

dress wheelchair friendly samanta bullock pink long dress
Rua Luja –
Pict Lawson Filho

I have wanted to do this video for a long time now. As you probably know one of my favorite pieces is a long dress. I have a few Rua Luja dresses and I decided to show them to you. I like dresses because I don’t need to be worried about showing my bum as I do when I am wearing jeans. Also, long dresses because of cover my legs.

It is so easy to wake in the morning and wear something easy and posh at the same time. Its kind of put together in less than 2 minutes. I have a post on Rua Luja and my experience with them and Inthink its worth to check it out.

Please let me know your opinions in the comments.

Have a great day. Love Sam x


Sailing for Wheelchair Users – A New Experience for me

samanta bullock sailing wheelchair user sport

Hello guys.

How are you doing? A few weeks ago I tried a new sport. I filmed it all so you could understand how I did it.

It was challenging to go on the water and transfer to the boat. They have volunteers to assist and they make your life much easier. I have friends from tennis that invite me all the time but it was through Fiona G that sent a message to my husband on Linkedin and made us very interested.

It is an open session that takes place every Thursday at Queens Mary Sailability here in London. I didn’t know they had that facility. What a great place.

Please take a look at the video and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

samanta bullock sailing wheelchair user sport
With Fiona G.



Family weekend – Wheelchair Lifestyle

Family weekend – Wheelchair Lifestyle

samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike

I came to live in England 11 years ago because my husband is English. At that moment it was what made sense for us, as I was playing tennis and I could live in anywhere in the world and travel to tournaments.

daisy samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike
Daisy chain

When we met my nieces were very young. Anna was 6 months Emily was two years old. I loved the girls from the start and my husbands family became my family as it should be. Emily is now a teenager and Anna is eleven,  and we love to spend time together.samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike

All of our English family is from Suffolk and I took the opportunity of the bank holiday weekend and a ballet performance to make a vlog and show you guys a little bit of our routine with the ones we love deeply.

I am very happy to share with you the activities we did over the weekend.

Loads of Love – Sam