BeKoffee & SB Jewellery with Inclusion in Mind.

Throughout the years, the world has been experiencing serious problems that have led to today’s critical situation. These problems can go from environmental to social or even economical. For example, how poverty and hunger are increasing or how climate change is getting worse and is starting to force us to change our lifestyles. As a solution to this, there are different people, companies and even governments that promote sustainability. It is the study of different systems in which the main aim is to achieve balance.

Consumption is one of the main factors that affect the most. As day by day it increases more and more, the world is left with fewer resources and ways of being eco-friendly. The issue is how the products are produced, whether they follow the ethical values, what materials are used, if it is helping in some way to the environment…

Brincos Tribo - BeKoffee earrings made from coffee grounds

Earrings Tribo | Model: Emma | Ph: Michael Atkinson


BeKoffee is an example of a project that meets the requirements of production. It aims to take advantage of spent coffee grounds to make handmade jewellery articles.  By doing this, they are providing a whole new original product to the public, they are not harming the environment by reusing waste for the production of their items and most importantly, they are proving people of how there is a possibility for us to be efficient as well as kind to our surroundings. 


Colar União - Neckless made from coffee grounds

Necklace Uniao | Model: Lily Mills | Ph: Jay Norman


This idea is supported by Samanta Bullock, who through her business has been giving a voice to them and many more people who work for sustainability. Moreover, they are even co-workers and their aim is to combine their ideas and create a unique and healthy way of fashion. However, inclusion is also incorporated to all of this, as Samanta is a wheelchair model, which makes this one of the most empowering, diverse and accepting working environments. 

Brincos Integração da Roda - Wheel Intergration Earrings by BeKoffee. Made from coffee grounds.

Necklace and earrings Integração da Roda | Model: Lily Mills | Ph: Jay Norman

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