BeKoffee Braille Jewellery

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The BeKoffee earrings and other pieces are inspired by nature and human activity, using a composite material based on spent coffee grounds. All of the collections, have been handmade, with a slight coffee aroma and have corresponding phrases stamped on them.

We were astounded to learn, that there are fewer than 1% of the two million visually impaired people in the UK, that knows how to read in braille, so as part of the BeKoffee collaboration, we have decided to focus on braille pieces to raise awareness of braille, by promoting it, through jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.


For visually impaired people, braille is an essential tool, that aids in the process of becoming literate, enabling the visually impaired to read and write for themselves. Visually impaired people will read the earrings that Bekoffee has to offer, by touching the patterns of raised dots, that are felt with the fingertips. This is often seen as a gateway to independence.


Samanta is in partnership with the BeKoffee project and is excited to work for the organization. Each piece carries a fragment of culture, made using recycled materials, developed from coffee grounds and incorporated into unique designs, which is one step forward to a more sustainable world, that also provides equal opportunities for individuals.


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