Fashion is a kind of art that any individual can express themselves the way they feel more comfortable and fashionable. That’s why we at SB shop we keep increasing the variety of our products services and partners. Ensuring equal access and diversity – AUF AUGENHOEHE is a Germany brand which specialises in creating clothes for people with dwarfism within the fashion industry.   

Sema Gedik is CEO and founder of AUGENHOEHE. Her idea was to create the first label for people with dwarfism. To make this vision a reality, she developed the world’s first clothing sizes for people with achondroplasia. As managing director of AUF AUGENHOEHE, she is in charge of the realisation of the company’s goals and philosophy and represents the company in public. 

The main motivation behind the AUF AUGENHOEHE is Sema, learned from her cousin, who is a person with dwarfism, and she witnessed how difficult it was for her cousin to buy clothes. There was not a single label offering clothes for people with dwarfism and she decided to change this unfair reality. After several years of researching ready-to-wear sizes for people with dwarfism and building a strong community, she officially founded the label AUF AUGENHOEHE in 2017. 

The SB shop costumers, especially our consumers with dwarfism we would like to let you know that our range of product offerings for people with dwarfism will increase. Also, we advise you to visit our website regularly so as not to miss any opportunity. 

Miss Prata

Tags: Fashion, Lifestyle

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