Samanta x Amaella Blush Organic Cotton Collection – Comfortable and No help needed. 

Samanta x Amaella Blush Organic Cotton Knickers & Bras – Comfortable and No help needed. 

 At the SB shop, you can find everything that you need to have a complete wardrobe, including lingeries. 

The SB shop recently brought more diversity and inclusion in the lingerie industry. We believe that lingerie, particularly beautiful lingerie, is for everyone, no matter what size you are or if you have a disability or not. As we always represent people with disabilities. We’ve somehow managed to gain a position of influence in the lingerie industry by collaborating with designer AmaElla. 

Amaella x SB | Pic by Michael Atkinson


Even though there are no restrictions on who can wear any kind of lingerie, some people may find certain pieces more difficult to wear. For example, they may not be able to fasten hooks at the back of a bra or they may have problems removing panties while seated in a wheelchair. The SB shop creates the blush organic cotton knickers,  is a pink organic knicker with Brazilian cut with ties. The design allows you to have private experience in comfort because it has the side ties for support, just an unclick on each side and you are set free. Also, knickers are easy to wear and easy to remove.   

Amaella x SB organic adaptive lingerie

Amaella x SB organic adaptive bra


Further, the bras are the soft triangle cup style with thin straps and matching stretch under band offers comfort with subtle lift and support. The rose gold front fastening function offers an easy to wear slip-on feature while the organic blush lace back detail adds a luxurious and romantic appeal. Also, the bras have the hook in front for easy wear and to take off. Lastly, we ensure that the sizes are varied from small to large, for pieces, bras & knickers. 

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Amaella x SB | Pic by Michael Atkinson


Fortunately, SB shop is a brand that is catering to some specific needs for this group of people – the Samanta Bullock brand in partnership with designer AmaElla they are a championing for providing these products.   

Miss Prata

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