All About Mental – by Carly Barton designer & SB

All About Mental – by Carly Barton designer 

By the end of this year, seven more designers will be joining Samanta Bullock brand.  Proudly we would like to introduce one of these designers.  Carly Barton, she is a London based jewellery designer. All of her jewellery is created and handmade at home in the heart of London and is aimed at individuals who want to stand out and feel confident. 

As you know, we at the SB shop; our main value is in creating sustainability and inclusion pieces that everyone can use it, disabled or no-disabled. Carly’s jewels integrated very well into our brand concept, for this reason she will be part of SB family. Her Jewellery incorporates metal and is quite different from the rest which is reflected in the its very name ‘Me(n)tal’.

Samanta Bullock wearing 'Mental' neckless

Samanta Bullock wearing ‘Mental’ neckless

Carly Barton, started giving the firsts signs that she would be a successful designer at very young age. Growing up designing and been extremely creative has always been her strength and passion. Life is about growing and learning, she is looking forward to a fun future creating and hoping all the work shines through each piece. 

Samanta wearing 'Mental' earrings

Samanta wearing ‘Mental’ earrings







Also, she believes that “you should never shy away from wearing what you want to and be who you want to be; That’s why I love making these big statement pieces because I think you will defiantly shine from the crowd.” 

Furthermore, Carly mentioned that ever since she has connected with our founder Samanta Bullock, it made her realise how important inclusion is and that there is so much more work we can do to promote awareness. She still added, Samanta is an inspiring woman who is confident and bubbly and who wants to make a difference to the clothing industry, and not just change for herself but to everyone who is looking for a similar style with an easily accessible fit.  Increasing every person’s confidence especially for those who are in the sitting position.  She even emphasized by saying; “I definitely did not see a market for this before meeting Samanta, she changed people perspectives and confidence within.”

Unravelling a little of Carly’s collection here a slight description of the full collection:

The Ring: Size – small, medium and large. Colour- light gold and silver wire ring. Non-tarnish artisan, beautiful lightweight elegant ring that will look good with anything you wear.

Round & round we go earnings: matte gold and silver. These beautiful statement earrings have an elegant twist; these can be worn on a casual day or with an evening dress. The earring hooks give them a more simplistic flawless look. Approx. 70 x 55mm.

Round & round we go necklace: matte gold and silver. Approx. 70 x 55mm pendant. Matching necklace really compliments the ring and bracelet well. Either wear along or use this statement necklace as a layering chain. The chain is 18 inch and has a lobster clasp fastening 100% nickel and lead free gold plated. 

Round & round we go bracelet: Size – small, medium and large. This artisan wire bangle can be used for your upper arm to create a boohoo effect or on the wrist for an elegant bracelet. 

All the Carly jewels design will be available at the SB shop, if you are one of those ‘early bird’ looking for Christmas gifts, make sure you visit our website regularly because these jewellery are a good option for Christmas gifts.  

Miss Prata 

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