A Beautiful Rose Gold Watch by Johnny Loves Rosie

Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model

Johnny Loves Rosie

Most people forget that watches were actually invented for a practical purpose – so that people were aware of what time it was at any given moment. Why? Because nowadays watches are mainly utilized as a fashion accessory, and not an important tool. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because there are so many watches out there that are stunning on the eye.

Of course, being a lover of fashion, I too am susceptible to falling head over heels for the perfect accessory to be strapped around my wrist. The problem was, I spent an awfully long time searching without finding anything that I’d be truly happy to wear. That was until Johnny Loves Rosie sent me a gorgeous rose gold watch to try out.

I’ve been aware of Johnny Loves Rosie for a while and am proud to say I have a strong partnership with their brand. Everything is built on love, and I firmly believe that comes across in all of their items, regardless of how unique or distinctly edgy it is.

Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model

Johnny Loves Rosie

So, the fact I instantly fell in love with their rose gold watch was incredible, because it reinforced how elated I am to work closely with them.

In terms of the watch itself, it’s very, very elegant. Rather than being full of glitz and sparkles, it opts for natural beauty. It’s not too in your face, which is why it’s definitely one of my favourite watches that I’ve owned. Whether you need an accessory for a big night out, or something to wear on a daily basis, this certainly meets the criteria.

Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model

Johnny Loves Rosie Pict by Piotr- Opacki

Ultimately, the underlying message here is that you should always support and advertise things that you admire and believe in. You shouldn’t represent a brand or endorse a product for the sake of it; you should choose a brand and wear an item because you genuinely like it.

If you want to check out the rose gold watch that I have, or you simply want to learn more about Johnny Loves Rosie, then you can head over to their website or Instagram page. Have fun scrolling through their awesome fashion accessories!  

Their IG: Johnnylovesrosieofficial

Much love

Sam x

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