5 tips for your home office looks.

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5 tips for your home office looks.

How can inclusive fashion help you in this new moment of social isolation?

In this new scene of social isolation, many of the jobs are being adapted to a new reality: the home office, which is nothing more than exercising your functions remotely, working directly from home, with the help of technology. Thus, online meetings, shared reports, digital deliveries and, probably, more hours on the computer or cell phone appear.

And how does fashion fit into this new reality? How, mainly, can fashion help you in any way during this new reality? The first answer is to bring a new meaning to inclusive pieces. If before they could only seem designed for people with some kind of disability, now clothes that are friendly to a wheelchair, for example, gain a concept of universality simply because they benefit those who, even without using one, spend a lot of time in the position sitting too.

In addition to concepts such as ergonomics, ease and comfort, it is also important not to forget the style, the fashion characteristic of each garment. Be within your style and also remember that our clothes communicate to ourselves, for example: it is normal to feel more relaxed when wearing pajamas and more serious and corporate when wearing a blazer, for example. So if you are in the home office because of the coronavirus, take off your pajamas, sit down and see the look tips that SB Shop has set for you.

  1. Choose comfort, but don’t give up style. If you are going to choose trousers, for example, a good option is to have a more malleable fabric, which has a higher waist, to make you more comfortable and with more possibilities of movement if you need to, in addition to a model that is not so tight . Are you from the fashionista team? No problem, you can reinvent the wardrobe and join the functional, sporty and utilitarian with incredible details that make a difference, such as moorings and zippers.
  1. Clothes should fit as a hug. This means, in addition to not being too tight or pressing too hard, it will bring you security when dressing. Do you know that piece that looks perfect to you? It is your hug. It is worth considering, when choosing, that in a dress or in the sleeves of a shirt, for example, avoid leftover fabric: it can bother or even curl up on the chair wheels at some point.
5 tips for your home office looks while self isolation working from home coronavirus. Inclusive fashion can help you. Peter Twiss, Rua Luja, Gunda Hafner
  1. Do you have a video call meeting? Prefer neutral tones. When you are in a more neutral background and wearing clothes that are also more smooth and without very colourful or elaborate prints, your connection interprets them as lighter items and can perform better in speed.
  1. In other moments, colours can be your best friends: this goes from performance at work and even in personal life too. There are specific studies that each colour conveys a type of feeling and energy. The warmest tones, such as red, orange and yellow, tend to be more cheerful and stimulating. The colder ones, like blue, green or purple, are more common to associate with tranquility and serenity. One thing is certain: mixing colors or prints shows total creativity too.
5 tips for your home office looks while self isolation working from home coronavirus. Inclusive fashion can help you. Rua Luja, Caroline London, Gunda Hafner
  1. Clothes also mean self-care. Most likely, you already know your favorite wardrobe pieces or the most essential items for yourself when buying a new piece. Keep them: the most important thing is that you feel good is represented by what to use: whether complementing with an accessory that has everything to do with you or using more sober colours, monochromatic looks because they convey a sense of elegance. Insert your choice of look in your self-care: from the routine of face and body care, which can be fundamental for your day to start in the best way, clothes are also saying a lot about how you feel and see yourself while using them.
5 tips for your home office looks while slef isolation working from home coronavirus. Auf, Rua Luja, Peter Twiss

Now, even at home, wear your favorite look, good work and great results for your home office moment!

Text by Larissa Mariano

Tags: Fashion

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  • Sabine K.
    2020-04-07 2:56 pm

    Very nice combination possibilities of clothes for the home office or for just staying at home, if you want to be chic but still comfortable.
    Unfortunately there is no home office for my work area possible, but I would never want to sit around at home in pyjamas all day long. Therefore this choice is very convenient for me
    Thanks for the ideas


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