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When you first experience pain, it is a symptom of illness or injury in the part of your body that is having the pain. The sudden onset  of pain is called acute pain. It gets your attention and prompts you to take action to prevent further worsening of the condition causing the pain. Or the pain could alert you to see a doctor.

If the pain comes from an illness that is  incurable and will never heal, the pain loses its usefulness and becomes harmful. This type of pain keeps you from normal activity, and inactivity decreases your strength. There is a “wind-up phenomenon” that causes untreated pain to get worse. Nerve fibres transmitting the painful impulses to the brain become “trained” to deliver pain signals better. The intensity of the signals increases over and above what is needed to get your attention. To make matters even worse, the brain becomes more sensitive to the pain. So your pain feels much worse even though your injury or illness is not getting any worse. At this point, pain may be termed chronic pain.

Unfortunately, many illnesses do not have known cures. In these chronic illnesses, as in the treatment of chronic pain, your goal is to live as normally as possible. Sometimes medication is needed for the rest of your life in order to achieve that goal. If you need to be on pain medicine for the rest of your life, you should not be said to be “addicted” to pain medicine any more than a person with diabetes who needs to be on insulin for the rest of his or her life should be said to be “addicted” to insulin.

There are different types of chronic pain including:  muscle cramps, Circulatory problems and Headaches.

Controlling Pain

It is not always possible to completely get rid of chronic pain. Your goal may be simply becoming able to do more of your normal activities of daily living than before. 

  • Your doctor may ask you to rate the pain on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • You also need to report whether it is possible to go to work, go shopping, exercise, sleep, or have sexual intercourse.
  • Sometimes, the only measure of effectiveness of treatment is that you can do certain things that were not possible before the treatment started. This is what your doctor needs to know in order to make decisions about your treatment.

Abuse, Addiction, and Withdrawal

A major concern with the prescribing of opioids is to ensure that they are used to treat pain and not abused for the euphoric effect that some people get when they take them.  Many patients are concerned about addiction. Addiction is a confusing word, in that it has two meanings: physical addiction and psychological addiction. Physical addition means that the body is used to having the narcotics on board. Abruptly stopping the medication can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Psychological addiction refers to craving for the narcotics, where the focal point of one’s life is getting the opioids. Therefore in order to avoid addiction, a good idea would be to chance mediation from time to time as opposed to increasing to dangerously high doses. It is always best to talk to doctor to discuss your options.

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