Hey guys!

So just to recap from where we left off…My friend and I managed to push me up the slope and back out onto the road from the beach…after our dramatic attempt to get out of the sea.

You’d think that would be it for a couple of days…I’d want to take it easy, but I wanted to enjoy my time in Portugal to the fullest!

The next day we decided we wanted to go back for more!!!!  But we mutually agreed that this time we should try another beach. As we parked up by the beach I was pleasantly surprised to see that accessibility was really good.  There were pathways to make it easier for wheelchairs users to access the beach from the road. For once I didn’t have to worry about being carried onto the beach – but unfortunately their beach wheelchairs were being repaired so I wouldn’t be able to go to the sea. Some friendly (HOT!) lifeguards offered to help me into the water; but seeing as it was a little windy I opted out! I’m still wondering whether that was the right choice! Did I? 🙂

The nicest thing was although they did not have any beach wheelchairs available for me to use, their attitude towards me was the right one. What is the right attitude?  For me personally the right attitude is to always offer assistance – you then have the choice to accept or to decline. However, my experiences have also taught me that if you decline assistance most people become annoyed towards you. Hey Ho!

A couple of days later, we decided to go down to the beach again (to top up my tan!) This time there were beach wheelchairs available! I was so delighted and excited, seeing as this would be the first time that I would be sat in one! As you can imagine the chair was big and colourful and could be taken into the water! I would definitely be the centre of attention!

The wide wheels were great so that it could be pushed easily onto the sand. Of course there was no way I could push myself so I entrusted this important job to my friend Veruschka! Being a little mad and carefree my friend began running pulling me along with her until we were both in the water! (There was a lot of screaming and laughing going on!) As expected heads tuned, but I took everything in my stride! I was enjoying every moment of it! Once I got into the water, I pulled up the side arm and was left free in the sea! The water was nice and warm and I got a chance to swim!!!

This time, leaving the water was pretty easy too! As the chair was floating on the sea, I swam towards it, got it and my friend pulled me out! Now wasn’t that easy? And, it was great not to be covered in sand from head to toe for once!

What a way to end my trip to Portugal! Although I’ve given you a snippet of my holiday, I could tell you so much more! The food, my first Yoga session, our many culinary experiments! Next time, I might just post our recipes……I still have the home film of this day! I will post this shortly…

Love Sam x

We’re all going on a summer holiday! … PART 2

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