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My last trip to Portugal took me to the region of the Algarve (for those of you not too good at geography, its in Southern Portugal!). One of my best friends lives there, so it was nice to catch up with her and have a little girly gossip, a few classes of wine, cook some of our favourite dishes and reminisce of the good old days – all whilst enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

We went to the beach in Faro, which was the closest to my friend’s house. Unfortunately, as it was the end of September (peak season had finished) they had already collected all beach wheelchairs from the beach! So what did I do, I hear you all asking yourselves?!?!

To get onto the beach was fairly easy as there was a little step. The tide was pretty high, the sand extremely soft and the waves really strong! All the passersby couldn’t believe I was going in, but I’m never one to give up a challenge, so I went in anyway!

The sand wasn’t as soft as it looked and had tiny grain of stones in it. We put our towels out and sunbathed for a while. There was no way I was coming back to the UK without a tan!!! After a while, we decided to go into the water, I took myself right up to the shore, and then jumped off and sat on the floor. I then began hopping on my bottom towards the sea with a little help from the waves. Believe me, it was well worth the effort of getting in!

The problem however was trying to get out! The tide rose and the waves were extremely powerful, so I had to use a great deal of skill to surf my out of the sea. I didn’t want to get hit by the waves, so I strategically went under the water to avoid impact. When I finally got out, I realised I was completely covered in sand and without a scratch!! My friends who had come into the sea with me had been hit badly by the strong waves, and were left with a few cuts and bruises – I guess I was lucky!

Passersby couldn’t believe I had got into the sea, let alone get out scratch free! I guess I was a little irresponsible, however, I could not go in, now that would have been irresponsible! The whole experience was PRICELESS!!!!

The next adventure was trying to get back up to the road from the beach; there was such a high slope!! My friend and I pushed me back all the way to the top! Nobody offered to help! I guess they thought we could manage on our own, since we were fine getting in. How mistaken could they have been!! Never mind we had a good workout!

You would think, that after that, I would want to take it easy for a while – now that’s where you’re all wrong!!!

The best was yet to come….

We’re all going on a summer holiday! – PART 1

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