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Tina went to Nepal. What an adventure! Let’s see what she has to say about this magic place.

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One Dream.

I had a dream: to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This dream came true and I want to talk about it to you.

Beautiful places- Nepal
Beautiful places- Nepal

There is a natural beauty in Nepal that compensates the lack of a good transportation system.

There, it its very difficult to go even for somebody who has no disabilities.

As soon as I arrived there, I saw from the taxi window a chaotic traffic and I thought it would be complicated to get around.

We can see cows, rickshaws, tuck tucks, bicycles, cars and pedestrians on the streets and all over the place.

Disabled people?

Nepal poorest countries in the world


Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, so you can imagine how low the investment in education and health care are. I didn’t see any disabled person or accessibility for handicapped people in any of the places I’ve been to.

Thoughts: “Aren’t there disabled people in this country?” I asked a Nepali friend.

He told me that the disabled people stay at home.

This trip made me come back to the time in history when people like me didn’t have any rights or could not go anywhere.

In the path.

On my way
On my way


I went on a tracking trip to the Everest… I confess that I felt insecure in front of so many obstacles.

But, I am very brave and I didn’t give up.

I asked to the Adventure Nepal Eco Treks’ owner if it was possible for a handicapped person to go tracking in the Himalayas.

He asked me: “Tina, we can do everything in our imagination ”. Conclusion: Imagination makes us happier, so let’s go!!! And I went!!!

in our imagination - we can
in our imagination – we can!

What a shame.

I went to the most beautiful mountains in Nepal with some help and this help allowed to go up and down in the highest mountain range in the world.

I was in a wonderful place, where the nature was so beautiful it that impressed me. The most important things there are the basic ones: food and a place to rest.

Nothing else was important.

Those things made me reflect about the lifestyle we have in our culture, where food and home are fine but we don’t have time to look at the sky and take pay attention in the stars…that’s a shame.

What about the people?

the people
the people

It’s impossible to dislike them.

Nepal has one of the nations that were never dominated by foreigners, so they don’t earn much money.

They understand that foreigners are people who come to bring news, history of the other side of the world, money and culture.

Different from others nations that were conquered, they are approachable and humble.


One alien.

I was welcomed, but I confess that several times I felt as an alien, everybody looked at me with curiosity and I thought it was because of my beautiful blue eyes….hehehe I was wrong.

In fact they had never seen a red haired person with a pink wheelchair.

red hair
Red hair

Nepal one adventure, a dream that came true.

I knew that this trip wouldn’t change my life, I knew that I wouldn’t get back home more esoteric or more mystic, but it was a reflection about my culture and the chance to make my dreams come true.


Life with imagination is much better!!!

In the kingdom of imagination we can do everything we want, whereas in the kingdom of reality every one knows real life limitations.


Wonderful place, no? Do you have some special place do you like to share with us. Let us to know your adventures as well.

Thanks Marta to share your knowledge with us and Ellen Nenes for the translation. You girls are super!

All my love



Tina and her experience in Nepal.
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