Hi lovely people.

I am working to give you guys an interesting  information about different things in life, mainly related to disability as this is very personal to me.

I just posted a video on youtube where I am on top of a sway-pole. It was a big challenge, and hard work to climb it and stabilise myself there. In this picture you can see the difference between me who is sitting and the other performer who is standing. I am really attached to the pole through my core to help me to balance.

Look at the pict, it says more than 1000 of words.

Here is a picture of the indoor venue where we trained for around 1 month.The Sway-pole is made of carbon fibre and it is very flexible. Take a look at the video to understand it.

It seems that we are dancing without music but I am not crazy as we were listen the music through the earpiece.

Please click on link below to watch the video.

VIDEO -> Sway Pole for Disabled

Now after all I can say that I am the first woman with a spinal cord injury to perform on the sway-pole in the world.






The Sway-Pole: a challenge overcome.

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