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A little different today! A story about me told by my PA Sonia Pereira….

Working with Sam has definitely been entertaining to say the least. Sam is always bubbly and up for a laugh.

One of the funniest and most memorable times with Sam has to be her telephone conversation with her sister in law Lynn.

Every now and then, you can’t help but laugh at Sam’s pronunciation of English words. Not because we’re being mean, but because in Portuguese the same combination of letters sound differently to that in English. Although, it is priceless winding Sam up!

Sam had called Lynn up to make the final arrangements for Mark’s surprise Birthday party at the local restaurant! Sam explained that the famous Brazilian ‘feijoada’ dish would be served; but was a little concerned that the two little ones – Emily and Anna may not like the food. But not to worry there was a Tesco store just next door, that they could pop into, to choose whatever it was they fancied…

…This is where the communication between Sam and Lynn seemed to have broken down….

In order for you guys to have an idea of what I’m on about click on this link and listen to the audio – you can clearly see that the pronunciation in both languages are clearly different!


To add insult to injury Sam and Lynn were on speakerphone… The first time Sam said Tesco; there was a 5 second silence on Lynn’s side. You could tell that Lynn was desperately trying to figure out what the hell Sam was on about… So Sam repeated herself you know ‘Tesco”. Sam looked at me, but I was of no help whatsoever as I couldn’t help myself laughing… I tried telling Sam that her pronunciation was wrong but she just kept saying ‘Tesco” in her Brazilian/English accent!

After a while, Sam could clearly see they weren’t getting anywhere so she tried a different technique…. She asked Lynn “Which supermarket do you go to, to buy your things?” At this point all three of us cracked up laughing… and it got worse when Lynn replied “Sainsbury’s!” Sam was like “What the hell Lynn! You never shop at Sainsbury’s!”

The funny thing is Sainsbury’s is like 10 miles away from where Lynn lives and she goes every week to Tesco…Sam gave up, I pissed myself laughing and Lynn couldn’t help herself either… By the end of it all Sam said, “Forget it! I’m sure the girls will love feijoada anyway!”

Looks like Sam has once again been caught out by her English pronunciation! I try to help her out as much as I can, but sometimes the things Sam comes out with are just so spectacular, that it’s best to stay quiet to have a laugh instead!

Love Sam x

The funniest conversation ever! By Sonia Pereira
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One thought on “The funniest conversation ever! By Sonia Pereira

  • May 4, 2012 at 7:42 am

    hehehehehe, I know what do you mean….
    Sometimes I do the same here.
    When my sister was 9 months pregnant, I wrote to my boyfriend that my sister was blind, when she was bleeding. Then we keep the conversation, I told him I was happy going to the hospital, he asked me if its normal, I said yes, its always happen when is time for delivery the baby…

    And once, I sent by text msg to him “It is a big kill at airport” I wanna say “It is a big cue at airport”.

    There are so many fanny times!!! I love it!

    Super mega beijo….


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