Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model

A Beautiful Rose Gold Watch by Johnny Loves Rosie

Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model
Johnny Loves Rosie

Most people forget that watches were actually invented for a practical purpose – so that people were aware of what time it was at any given moment. Why? Because nowadays watches are mainly utilized as a fashion accessory, and not an important tool. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because there are so many watches out there that are stunning on the eye.

Of course, being a lover of fashion, I too am susceptible to falling head over heels for the perfect accessory to be strapped around my wrist. The problem was, I spent an awfully long time searching without finding anything that I’d be truly happy to wear. That was until Johnny Loves Rosie sent me a gorgeous rose gold watch to try out.

I’ve been aware of Johnny Loves Rosie for a while and am proud to say I have a strong partnership with their brand. Everything is built on love, and I firmly believe that comes across in all of their items, regardless of how unique or distinctly edgy it is.

Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model
Johnny Loves Rosie

So, the fact I instantly fell in love with their rose gold watch was incredible, because it reinforced how elated I am to work closely with them.

In terms of the watch itself, it’s very, very elegant. Rather than being full of glitz and sparkles, it opts for natural beauty. It’s not too in your face, which is why it’s definitely one of my favourite watches that I’ve owned. Whether you need an accessory for a big night out, or something to wear on a daily basis, this certainly meets the criteria.

Johnny Loves Rosie samanta bullock wheelchair model
Johnny Loves Rosie Pict by Piotr- Opacki

Ultimately, the underlying message here is that you should always support and advertise things that you admire and believe in. You shouldn’t represent a brand or endorse a product for the sake of it; you should choose a brand and wear an item because you genuinely like it.

If you want to check out the rose gold watch that I have, or you simply want to learn more about Johnny Loves Rosie, then you can head over to their website or Instagram page. Have fun scrolling through their awesome fashion accessories!  

Their IG: Johnnylovesrosieofficial

Much love

Sam x

samanta bullock wheelchair model

Personal Style for Wheelchair Users with Yvonne Phillip – Part 3

Hello guys.

Palta Clothes Pic AKHussainPhotography samanta bullock wheelchair model disable richmond
Palta Clothes
Pic AKHussainPhotography

Here is the thirty part of my video with Yvonne Phillip. In this video we will be talking about tops and jackets. She will explain the body shape and why few things could work and others No, according with the body shape.

Yvonne Phillip is a Personal Stylist and her social media is YvonnePhillipLifestyle on IG / Facebook and Yvonne Phillip on Twitter,

As I said I really hope we can help you and if you are not a wheelchair user send the video to someone you think will benefit from it and we can be all more elegant around the world 🙂

I tried to make the video fun and succinct. Let’s rock guys.

Much love Sam x

Love love



samanta bullock wheelchair model

Esthederm Products Help Me to Keep My Skin Silky Smooth

samanta bulldogs wheelchair model sthedherm
Esthederm- Piotr Opacki- Pict

Let’s face it, we all want to live life absorbed in confidence and happiness. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, a large factor in that is your appearance. The way people perceive us, and more importantly, the way we perceive ourselves, is essential in feeling confident, empowered and beautiful.

Luckily, in today’s advanced world, there are plenty of methods to enhance your natural beauty, and a great place to start is your skin. Why? Because healthy skin can transform you into a totally different person.

But, I’ve found that as you reach 40, it’s very difficult to find skin products that are both nice to use and will have a noticeable impact. So, when an amazing company called Esthederm sent me a hyaluronic mask and a mist water product, I was obviously quite sceptical in regard to the effect they could have on my skin.

samanta bullock wheelchair model esthederm
Pict Piotr Opacki- Esthederm

After using them, though, I can’t speak highly enough of them. The hyaluronic mask is extremely smooth on your face, and it leaves your skin feeling soft, revitalised and glowing. It works by boosting collagen synthesis and retaining skin moisture to prevent against skin aging.

The mist water performs in a slightly different way; by applying the mist water on your face, you’ll prepare your skin to absorb all the ingredients of other moisturises much better than it normally would. 

Esthederm – Pict Piotr Opacki

Ultimately, it’s all about keeping your skin hydrated. Personally, I tend to use the products at night and the results have been exceptional. Just looking in the mirror puts a smile on my face, simply because the Esthederm products have enhanced my skin massively. Moreover, I love the fact that the brand prides themselves on being cruelty free.

Nowadays, it’s very easy for skincare brands to manufacture products that are the same as everything else on the market. That’s why it’s incredible that they’ve added a unique element to their products by going down the cruelty free route. Oh, and of course, their products are second-to-none which is the most important thing.

If you’re struggling to take care of your skin, or you just want to give your appearance a boost, then I’d most definitely recommend checking out Esthederm. To make life easy for you, I’ve listed their Instagram account and their website below…

Instagram: Esthedermuk



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samanta bullock wheelchair model diversity wheelair

New Campaign from WheelAIR

Samanta bullock wheelair wheelchair model

WheelAIR just launched today its new campaign. We took these pictures last week in Notting Hill.  It was great fun. The area is so beautiful and very Instagrammy. I will post a few screenshots here but you should go to the WheelAIR website to check it out.

And in case you don’t know what WheelAIR is I will leave the link below for my review of their product that is a cooling backrest for wheelchair users.

samanta bullock wheelchair model wheelair

They always have new articles and very interesting blogs on their website.

I am in love with the results of the photo shoot. I hope you like it too.

samanta bullock wheelchair model diversity wheelair
WheelAIR new photo Shoot

WheelAIR Website:

Don’t forget your £100.00 discount with your “SamantaBullock” voucher. 

Love Sam x