Vlog- Wheelchair Model Life

Vlog- Wheelchair Model Life

Hello guys.  I hope you are well. New video below.

wheelchair model samanta bullock vinnette grant london
Roy Ikoroha Picture

I am coming here to share my new vlog with you from a photo shoot I did with Roy Ikoroha in the city centre. Vinnette Grant lent me her beautiful red dress for the shoot with “My Samsonite” case on my 40th birthday.

Guess what, we lost the balloons. I wasn’t too sad about that, as I would need to come back home with it behind my chair, looking a little strange kkkkkkkkk.


wheelchair model samanta bullock samsonite london disability inclusion blogger
Pic by Roy Ikoroha – Samsonite


Also everyone was wishing Happy Birthday which was cute and weird. People are so friendly. I had a such good time. For more please look the video and leave your comments or suggestions. I really appreciate that.


Much love. Sam

samanta bullock wheelchair model ;london somsonite suitcase disability
Roy Ikoroha
Family weekend – Wheelchair Lifestyle

Family weekend – Wheelchair Lifestyle

samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike

I came to live in England 11 years ago because my husband is English. At that moment it was what made sense for us, as I was playing tennis and I could live in anywhere in the world and travel to tournaments.

daisy samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike
Daisy chain

When we met my nieces were very young. Anna was 6 months Emily was two years old. I loved the girls from the start and my husbands family became my family as it should be. Emily is now a teenager and Anna is eleven,  and we love to spend time together.samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike

All of our English family is from Suffolk and I took the opportunity of the bank holiday weekend and a ballet performance to make a vlog and show you guys a little bit of our routine with the ones we love deeply.

I am very happy to share with you the activities we did over the weekend.

Loads of Love – Sam

Naidex -Europe’s Biggest Disability Trade Show- My experience

Naidex -Europe’s Biggest Disability Trade Show- My experience

samanta bullock wheelchair model judge

Hi guys. This video gives you an insight into my visit to Naidex, Europe’s biggest disability trade show.  Watch me judge the Changing Lives competition, view an accessible motorhome, try a wheelchair that allows me to stand up and much more. I was wearing Peter Twiss jacket.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Love Sam


samanta bullock judge naidex wheelchair model samanta bullock judge naidex wheelchair modelsamanta bullock judge naidex wheelchair model

samanta bullock wheelchair model influencer
Samanta Bullock
Fashions Finest Contest – My experience

Fashions Finest Contest – My experience

Samanta bullock wheelchair model fashions finest peter twiss
Fashions Finest / Peter Twiss – Hair Time

After my appearance Fashions Finest modelling for Peter Twiss at I really enjoyed the opportunity to attend an event also organised by Fashions Finest.  The contest was very nice and I enjoyed the evening accompanied by designer Peter Twiss. It was a great opportunity to see some wonderful designs judged by celebrity and fashion photographer and judge on Britain’s Next Top Model Nicky Johnstone, Bernard Connelly, Nicky Hamilton-Jones and Lola Royale and also to listen to Sam Lavery singing to close the event.

If you have any comments please let me know.